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Saturday, September 09, 2006

feels like summer.

I heard from one of the teachers at Sophia's school we're in for a cold front, but you wouldn't think so based on the weather yesterday. We've been having some strange things happen around here involving weird little creatures. I don't mean Sophia. I'm just posting her picture here because that's like the only real smiling picture I could get and it's not even a good photo. Tips for getting your stubborn five year old to cooperate?? lol - (The best tip is probably just 'leave her alone' but I don't know if that's going to work!!) :) Anyway, got her to sit for maybe three seconds and snapped this one. I'm playing with all the manual settings - just really wanting to learn how to understand the technical side of things. Next week, I'll start reading "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. I've heard that will help! :)

Okay, so randomly, last night, while the kids were playing outside, we found this guy hanging out by the swings. I thought frogs only hung out by water, but the little dude was right there on the dirt... no water in site. Of course Adam played Jeff Corwin and caught him just to let him go. The kids thought he was pretty cool.

Especially Ethan, who was trying to pet him. Obviously he learned very quickly it's kind of hard to 'pet' a frog. :)

Then, a few nights ago, we came home and found this guy hanging out on the front step. It was the craziest looking caterpillar I'd ever seen - with these fuzzy black hairs sticking up - I thought Ethan would smoosh the poor thing, but thankfully, he managed to survive the curious fingers. I did some checking and this caterpillar will eventually become the banded tussock moth. How cool is that thing??

Now, the odd thing is that in addition to these two funky creatures, we've got a few not so cool things going on as well. For instance. This week, we had a mouse invade our basement. We live in a bi-level home, so our basement is partially exposed and also our main living area. Knowing there had been a mouse spotted was NOT fun for me. We also have, in our yard, the entire cricket population for Northern Illinois. I'm not kidding. These tiny little crickets bounding around all over the place...

I'm fine as long as they stay in the yard.

But they didn't. They must've sent the mama and the dad inside to case the joint because I killed two of the largest crickets I have ever seen.

I'm wondering what is with all the weird little creatures. Is it a sign? Is it symbolic? Should I be afraid? Reminds me of the dang plagues. Or is there just a really weird infestation of odd creepy crawlies? Needless to say, the Orkin man will be getting a call from me. And soon.

Anyway... it's Saturday and I am working. (can't you tell??)

:) I hope you're out doing something FUN!


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous jenn said...

Well sounds fun except for the mouse and crickets. Just the time of year. All the little living things trying to head inside for cover.

We're tearing apart our flower beds today :) Getting them ready for fall :)

At 11:04 PM, Blogger glo-girl said...

ACK! I would be more afraid of that funky caterpillar than the mouse!

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Joanna Bolick said...

Moths and frogs - so cool!!


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